Company Profile
Caldera Group of Companies was founded by Mr. Eutychios Krommydakis in 1993 in Chania, Crete, Greece. The initial activity of the company (E. Krommydakis SA) was construction industry. Today however, the Group has expanded greatly its original corporate purposes, being active in the following core business areas - objects:

- Construction and Renovation of hotel units
- Management and Operation of Hotel Units
- Construction and Management of Luxury Villas
- Manage other Assets and Land
- Identify and Buy of Land for future growth or capital exploitation.

The Hotel Managment and construction, remain the principal activities of the Group. Regarding the Hotel business, Caldera Group has full ownership of four (4) hotels and participates in other two (2). Also it plans other projects until the market conditions, the financing possibilities and the existence of a strategic investor, allow their realization.
Meet the members of the Caldera Family:
Caldera Beach | Caldera Palace | Caldera Creta Paradise
Caldera Village | Caldera Bay | Caldera Villas | Alexandra Beach

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